Saturday, March 17, 2012

The nissan XTERRA is the best performance off-road -focussed SUV,aimed to ward out doorsy,active people regularly go far off the paved road.
The nissan XTERRA from 2005 -pressent is the second generation.
-plattform                   nissan alpha plattfor
-engine                       4.0L 265 hp (198 kw) V6
-transmission              5 speed automatic
                                  6 speed manual
-wheel base                106.3 in(2700mn)
-lenght                        178.7 in (4539mm)
-widht                         72.8 in (1849 mm)
-height                         74.9

The current nissan XTERRA  isn"t an ideal choice for those who plan to drive mostly on the road as the solid axle and leaf springs in back are not always the best for ride comfort.but overall the XTERRA  handles surprisingly well,electronic aids including hill decent control and hill start assist work in concert with a serious truck style part time,four wheel drive system and help maintain poise in precarious situation and altogether the XTERRA does well with towing the V6 having plenty of torgree to houl a small boat for instant.


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